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16933 Ranch Road 12, Wimberley, TX 78676     512-847-9342    wimberleygroup@hotmail.com

The Wimberley Group of Alcoholics Anonymous

We have FACE-TO-FACE MEETINGS as scheduled below. Please wear a mask and practice proper social distancing according to the CDC guidelines at all times. 

O=Open meeting for anyone
C=Attendance limited to members who have a desire to stop drinking

9:30am (O) Discussion

11:00am 3rd Sunday of the month: Group conscience meeting
7:00pm   (O) Discussion

8:30am  (O) Big Book Study
10:30am (C, W) Step Study
7:00pm. (O) Big Book Study

8:30am. (O) Discussion
7:00pm  (O) Newcomer's Meeting

8:30am (O) Discussion
6:30pm (O, W) Discussion
8:00pm (O, M) Discussion

8:30am (O) Discussion
10:30am (C, W) Discussion
7:00pm (O) Discussion

8:30am (O) 12&12 Study
7:00pm (O) Discussion

8:30am (O) Discussion
10:30am (C, W) Big Book Study
7:00pm (O) Discussion
             **2nd Sat: Speaker
             **last Sat: Birthday Night, 5:30 PotLuck

We also have the following online ZOOM MEETINGS:

10:30 am Monday (CW) Step Study, Thursday (OW) Discussion, and Saturday (OW) Big Book study

Zoom ID 386 586 1116

Password: Serenity1

12 pm daily (O), Wednesdays: Big Book study; Saturdays: Traditions 
Zoom ID 633 011 569

Password: 013789

8 pm Sun-Fri (O), Wednesdays: newcomers

Zoom ID 633 011 569
Password: 013789

8 pm last Saturday of the month (O), Birthday Night
Zoom ID 221 536 608
Password: Serenity1

Alcoholics Anonymous is self-supporting through our own contributions. We now have a VENMO account to accept contributions to the Wimberley Group from our members who are meeting on Zoom or otherwise cannot attend meetings. Donations may be made on the Venmo app by entering @Wimberley-Group (the @ and the hyphen must be used).